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Nepean Neighbour Aid Service

Nepean Neighbour Aid is a Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) funded by the Department of Health.
The role of Nepean Neighbour Aid is to assist the socially isolated older community to remain living independently in their own home by providing social support therefore reducing the risk of premature entry into full time residential care. 
The service recruits volunteers to provide social support. Depending on the client’s needs, a volunteer can provide accompanied shopping to the local shops, social phone calls and home visits to sit and have a chat. The service can take place weekly or fortnightly to break the cycle of social isolation.
Clients’ feedback is that their volunteer visits are the highlight of their week. Could be going for a walk in the park, going for a drive, pending on the Covid situation having a coffee out, these activities provide the client with a social outlet that is valuable to both their physical and mental wellbeing. In turn, the volunteers say it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone who appreciates these simple gestures. 
A cost according to affordability is incurred. No one is refused a service. 
The service abides by following the Covid-19 guidelines set out by the Department of Health along with the Nepean Volunteer Services Inc.
To be eligible to become a Client of Nepean Neighbour Aid:
must be aged over 65 years old
fully vaccinated to receive face to face visits
must be referred by My Aged Care
must live within the local Penrith LGA (suburbs listed on the Penrith City Council website)
need to be living in own home, flat, or selfcare units in retirement villages.
We are unable to assist clients from hostels, assisted living or residential care homes. Nepean Neighbour Aid is not an emergency service and cannot respond to crisis situations.
Nepean Neighbour Aid is continually looking for volunteers to assist in this program. 
Volunteers will be taken through an Orientation. You will be informed of the Covid  guidelines that we enforce when working in Aged Care. Welcome to attend support meetings with other volunteers. Ongoing training sessions will be held on various topics to assist volunteers in their role. You will be fully supported by the coordinators of NVSI – Nepean Neighbour Aid. 
To be eligible to volunteer with Nepean Neighbour Aid you need to:
be over 50 years old 
fully vaccinated to do face to face visits
be a good listener
agree to a Police Check being conducted
live within the local Penrith LGA; and 
preferably hold a current Driver’s Licence (if wanting to transport clients to shops) and be in possession of a roadworthy vehicle with Comprehensive Insurance. You could visit a client using public transport
The simple words of “Hello, how are you today?” brightens anyone’s day knowing that the person who asked, really does care. You can be that person to change how someone is feeling that day.
To make an appointment, call Reception on 0406 550 557.
For further information regarding volunteering, you can ring the Coordinators: Mary on 0410 550 557 or Robyn on 0410 556 455 during office hours.  Email address nna@nvsi.org.au 
Nepean Neighbour Aid is open Monday to Thursday from 9am – 3pm. 



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